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Determine Your Target Audience


I have decided to write this marketing piece, since I have been approached recently by Artists, and business owners alike about selling their Music or Product to their customer/Fans.  

As a rule of thumb, I advise all small businesses & musicians alike to do your market research! Determine who your Target Audience is, we hear that terminology used quite a bit, Target Audience is simply the people most likely to utilize your product, patronize your business or purchase your music.  

Geographics, Demographics & Interests should all be evaluated! Age, Sex, Location, hobbies, groups, etc… are all examples of the types of data that should be reviewed & analyzed to determine your target audience. 

As an Indie Artist, there are plenty of Music Platforms that provide some pretty decent Statistics, ex… ,,, etc… but your social media platforms also provide outstanding data.  ex… (Insights section), or, etc… To maintain effective sales of your music, get a GREAT handle on your audience (Capture), Engage with them, and Sell your music!  

That may sound simple but it can actually be quite difficult to do for an Artist trying to focus on Making Music, luckily, there are Marketing Companies out that offer these services, an innovative company integrating Social Media Marketing with the traditional Sales Funnel process is .  Very effective! Other companies do offer good services as well, do your research!  

Making Great Music can be a process, but Selling Great Music can be a Task! Be sure to know who you are selling it to! 


Danielle C Milli